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Shed Plans RockhamptonIn planning your new shed, carport or garage there are a number of factors that need to be considered.  The following information should help you decide on a number of decisions to help you design and customise your own shed plans.

Start by thinking about what purpose you will use your shed for, what position in the yard do you want your shed, how will you access the shed with a vehicle or similar?  In selecting your site, keep in mind easy access when storing vehicles, boats and caravans, the more level the site the less costs involved in the earthworks.  The more sloping the block you may need to consider things such as retaining walls or cutting and filling of the block.

What size of shed do you require? Deciding how high your shed needs to be can be determined by what size vehicle, boat or caravan you will be storing in your shed or even placing a mezzanine floor for extra storage.  The shed height is always determined as being gutter height. How much natural light and airflow do you require in the shed can determine how many windows, doors and skylights are required.

The concrete slab is generally decided by the soil classification and the weight of vehicle being driven on the slab. If you are going to spend considerable time in the shed you may require insulation or whirlybird ventilators or vented grills. For vermin control you can decide to have Vermaseal placed around the base of the wall sheet to help protect the sheets and stop unwanted vermin and debris entering the shed.

For those of you deciding on home offices, a gym room or maybe just a workshop may require internal walls or the use of stud frame wall for ease of sheeting the walls with the likes of Gyprock.

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